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CANCER - Revolving Door Extended - February 12222

Sometimes, as a wheel with twelve spokes in it.


Any one who has glimpsed at an astrological chart might have certainly noticed it seeming rather circular and wheel-like. Warning: Basic math to follow.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: February 12222

Do not be alarmed. So, the first decan represents the first 10 degrees of a sign, second decan degrees , and the third degrees As you may have guessed, these decans subsequently correspond to tarot cards. So, the first decan of the Cardinal sign Aries corresponds to the 2 of Wands, the second decan to the 3 of Wands, etc.

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Download Low Quality p. Feeling uninspired about a passion project? You might also begin dating someone you meet online or through a dating app. The Woman in Me 9 months ago Succulent is the word for this reading. Remember why you started in the first place. Seek with sincerity and you will find! You can also subscribe to my Newsletter.

I now have two cards connected to my birthday: Strength and the 7 of Wands. As you might have guessed, these also correspond to a section of the astrological wheel, although the placements are not nearly as neat and tidy. However, the Kings, Queens, and Knights are more than willing to step up to the plate. Though Queens tend to remain Queens across the board, Knights, Kings, and Princes tend to switch places depending upon the deck in question.


The list below corresponds to more traditional decks, like the Rider Waite, Visconti-Sforza, or Marseilles. Other decks will occasionally do something similar. Now it's time for a quiet slumber until the arrival of seed sowing season. But what should the oxen do now that the farmer no longer needs them to pull the plough?

But can the oxen rest after getting into such a long steady rhythm of 'work Can they just switch their mindset and settle into relaxation? Settling into a slower pattern would be unproductive? This Taurus full moon has recognised that you have been steadily working hard to complete something and now it wants you to slow down so that you can relax and assess your progress. Maybe there's no need to be that beast of burden who keeps ploughing a depleted field relationships, work, creative projects, thoughts, worries etc and instead start focusing on simply nourishing and replenishing yourself.

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Perhaps it's time to 'leave something alone' because you've already done enough. You've carried it for too long.

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You've worked on it for too long. It's time to reflect upon what you've achieved so far and take a a big 'full-fat' time-out, to get in a gentler rhythm with your body and soul, so that you can take on newer, fresher challenges when the time arrives.

Perhaps, after resting, it all won't feel like such hard work. Be at peace. Leave 'it' alone until you're in a more relaxed frame of mind.

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Find your newer, slower rhythm and start whistling a new tune as you sway to a new, slower and steadier beat. Hey Everyone. I hope you're all enjoying the last of the weekend. So what's going on? Well, very, very soon, the new November readings will be up on YouTube what!?

copegus.top/education-across-borders-politics-policy-and.php But these readings are going to be a little different. So, see you all in a little while. A total Aries full moon mood. Moon gazed down upon him and asked, 'Why do you cry my dear? The Fool half-looked up through glistening eyes and sullenly replied; 'Because I am a Fool.

Nobody ever showed me how to be anything other than a fool'. Moon bloomed gently, casting a silver light on The Fools troubled face and asked; 'My dear, have you been waiting all this time for someone to tell you that you can be something other than a fool? Moon bloomed fully and said to The Fool; 'You know, you can be whomever you decide to be - you can even be a fool who waits for someone to tell them who they ought to be'.

The Fool lifted his gaze towards Moon.

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A flash of wisdom sparked in his eyes. He understood. We tell ourselves that we can't have a happy relationship because our parents didn't have a happy relationship or our first true love left us. We can't have wealth because we were raised in a low-income home and the only thing that's accumulating now is debt. We can't have happiness because we were constantly deprived of happiness But the worst part is, we often start believing that we must wait for 'someone' or 'something' to come in and rescue us from the 'bad people' who once-upon-a-time didn't nourish that emptiness.

We can be whomever we decide to be. We can be our own hero in our lives.