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However, this is not mandatory. Actually and by extension, aside from the sensitive midpoints points in-between two planets, points or bodies occupied by i. Because it has shown that these aspects bring action, trigger events and bring things out in the open.

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More advanced astrologers use other Harmonics other divisions -- but that's another story and a more difficult and complex one. If different midpoint structures have the same sensitive point occupied, then we talk about a planetary picture. So, a planetary picture consists of at least two midpoints with the same basic planet, point or body.

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Delineating midpoints is quite easy especially with the help of The Combination of Stellar Influences. However, delineating planetary pictures different midpoints together becomes more and more difficult, the more so if many different planets, points or bodies with often opposite meanings are involved in the picture.

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Blending the meaning of three planets is do-able. Even a fourth planet is do-able, but if more planets or bodies are found in the picture, it may become more challenging to find out the core meaning. It takes heaps of experience and years and years of practice to learn to delineate multiple midpoints and planetary pictures.

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It's the different midpoints together that build a planetary picture and show you the total image of the puzzle. So, before judging the total image , you have to make sure you have all the important pieces midpoint structures together. For further study and understanding, we only recommend one single book that explains the method and lists and delineates all midpoints with three planets, points or bodies thoroughly. Kepler College started in as wild dream by astrologers seeking to create a unique educational institution for astrological studies.

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It first opened in as an academic college authorized by the State of Washington to grant degrees. After the economic downturn of , the academic side closed down - but our goal of bringing together the best instructors from different branches of astrology to build a superb online environment for astrological education remains!

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Kepler Educational Program Store. In stock. Quantity: 1. Product Details. Prerequisite: basic astrology This mini-course provides an overview of the system, touching on the main aspects of Uranian astrology: a discussion of the 6 personal points; the cardinal axis and antiscia; midpoints, sensitive points and planetary pictures; the use of the and degree dials; the hypothetical planets and their meaning in both a personal and mundane context; forecasting the general trends for the year as well as daily transits; and, the use of the dials, midpoints and planetary pictures in synastry.

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Working with Midpoints in the ° mode: by Blake Finley, M.A. Linguistics, Hamburg School to help us learn or teach Uranian Astrology from the ground up. Uranian Astrology uses midpoints, hard aspects, mathematical astrology dials, and 8 more planets (TNPs) than conventional astrology. The result is extreme.

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