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Your horoscope for July 11 to 17, 12222 Despite your overly full plate, you should find most things fall into place readily and well. The week-ahead stars keep you on a great run. Cancer June 21 - July Mercury now joins the sun, Venus, and Mars in Virgo. Use the week ahead for talks, meetings, interviews, and problem-solving.

Leo July 22 - August Mercury leaves Leo for Virgo on Thursday, but you can expect the quick-thinking one to continue to support you well, especially over this next week. Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, and next Thursday are best for action: scoop a bargain, take advantage of the moment, sign a contract, start the conversation, meet up, set wheels in motion.

Your horoscope for August 29 to September 4, 12222

Virgo August 23 - September Take your best shot. A total of five planetary bodies are freshly at it in Virgo including Juno, the contract asteroid. Recommit to your well-being or get-ahead program. One small step can springboard you someplace good! Libra September 23 - October You have more on the go than you or those who know you may recognize.


Potentials are on a stir-up over this next week. Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, Venus is on the move. Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, the sun keeps the action well-sparked. Mercury rounds out the week.

Your horoscope for July 25 to 31, 12222

What does it all mean? Every day over this next week is infused with opportunity! Scorpio October 23 - November Busy days lie ahead!

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Enjoy your weekend but expect to hit the ground running as of full-steam-ahead Tuesday. In addition to fresh undertakings, the day is well set for discussions, negotiations, studies, planning, meetings, research, and working it out. Even though you have been forced to change course, you are exactly on track. Keep going! Mercury is fresh out of retrograde, but it will continue to keep you occupied with finishing touches and moving past the past for a couple more weeks.

Family perhaps one in particular and home base consume you too. Taurus April 20 - May Friday lights a fresh spark. Whether it is vacation time or the action is at home base or you have something special in the works, it is an ideal opportunity for making the most of it. Off with the old; on with the new and improved you! Gemini May 21 - June The next couple of weeks are set up for doing exactly that.

The weekend is ideal for a top-up. On a plane or making the most of it in some other way, Wednesday through next Friday is as good as it gets! Cancer June 21 - July The end of the week could get you thinking and feeling along new lines. Try something or someone new on for size i. Your stars set a ready improvement backdrop for the weekend. They hold ample opportunity for the week ahead, too. You could find yourself on the significant gain regarding a plan or project, finances, or a relationship matter.

Leo July 22 - August Your stars now hit all systems-go.

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Celebrate; take a vacation; take on something or someone new; or take what you already have to the next level. Next Wednesday to Friday is ideal for travel, vacationing, performing, and taking a big step or leap of faith. Virgo August 23 - September Over this next week, Venus and the sun in Leo are all set to show you a good time—a better go of it, too. An instinct, flash of inspiration, or spur-of-the-moment opportunity is worth the follow-through.


READ LIKE A LOCAL. STRAIGHT NEWSLETTER. Get the latests events and news updates. Straight Talk: Weekly top stories; the List: Contests and prebuys. The full moon in Pisces sets a great backdrop for romance, creative pursuits, spiritual replenishment, music, movies, or live entertainment. Accompanied by sun/Pluto (trine), Mercury/Venus (conjunct), and Mars/Neptune (opposition), the full moon puts more than average potential on.

During the coming weeks, Venus can enhance financial and romantic prospects. An unblock, unlock, strike-flint, or freeing influence, this transit can act as a positive stimulant or bring a welcome release.


Through Tuesday, there may be something to confront, reassess, work through, or finish. Goodbye to July; hello, August! Aries March 20 - April Play it up; have fun; try your luck.

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Venus in Leo, starting Saturday, puts you better in touch with your beating heart and your creative centre. Monday sets you up for a breakthrough or a next phase or page. Taurus April 20 - May For the next several weeks, Venus in Leo keeps you focused on getting more of the good stuff and on bettering your best. Gemini May 21 - June Someone or something can make a big impression on you. Venus in Leo, starting Saturday, and the super new moon in Leo, launching Wednesday, pump up your social life and romantic prospects.

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The moment is what you make of it! Cancer June 21 - July Know you can do more and get further. For the next several weeks, Venus in Leo helps you to make the most of what you have to work with.

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Get the latests events and news updates. What is swept away makes room for opportunity. Mercury now joins the sun, Venus, and Mars in Virgo. The spoken, read, witnessed, written, or signed—this day holds great sway. The sun and Venus in Leo aligned with Jupiter by trine are terrific for travel, pleasure-seeking, and the heart journey. Sagittarius November 22 - December Safeguard your health.

Leo July 22 - August The stars now make you the chosen one. Claim your spotlight and watch for special attention and good feedback to come your way.