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Second house is occupied by Saturn which is also a very friendly planet for Aquarius horoscope. There is also a house exchange relationship between first and second house which is also supportive for close bonding with the family. You may also visit the following link for a detailed outlook on exchange between first and second house of a horoscope:. The aspect of debilitated Rahu on Saturn is undesirable and may generate some tensions.

However, the impact of Rahu may not be severe to create any strong issues; and, Saturn under house exchange relationship with Jupiter may still be able to protect and promote the attributes of second house. The placement of Venus in sixth house is also undesirable and capable of generating some tensions. Overall tone of this horoscope is supportive for happy marriage in matrimony. The impact of inauspicious planetary influences remained limited towards generating some delay in marriage native got married around 31 years of age.

Blessed with two kids, the native had a stable and happy married life. If the horoscope is strong and supportive, one may expect happy marriage and need not to exercise any caution or make any additional efforts for matrimony.

Marriage Horoscope 12222 for Aries:

While, if there are afflictions and indications of challenges, conflicts or disturbances in matrimony; one may take necessary precautions, in advance, to enhance the available planetary support for happy marriage. Following the suitable suggestions and comments which are provided in accordance with applicable planetary influences may also be useful in addressing the possible weaknesses in your marriage horoscope.

What is marriage horoscope?

Marriage prediction for queries like when will I get married? The marriage prediction is based upon the potency of relevant factors in your horoscope; and, these are very useful in thinking, planning and deciding important aspects related to love relationships and marital affairs. Suggestions about suitable gems are also helpful for happy marriage, specifically, when there are afflictions or weakness in marriage horoscope. Skip to content What is marriage horoscope? However, in general, following queries are examined for marriage horoscope: Overall outlook of your marriage horoscope for love and marriage.

This will be concluded after considering both negative and positive planetary influences in your marriage horoscope. Marriage prediction for queries like when will I get married and offering most possible time frame to expect marriage as per the strength of horoscope.

Best suitable time frame to enter into marital bond. Suggestions about suitable gems for gaining additional planetary support for marriage, love and relationships. What is love horoscope? You may visit the following link for information about online consultation for your marriage horoscope: Online horoscope consultation for astrology predictions Vedic Astrology Or, you can send query at any of the following email ID along with your complete birth details date, time and place of birth ; and, I will be explaining the process in detail.

Main indicators for happy marriage are second and seventh houses of your horoscope.

Potent and clean disposition of second house and its lord act as a good support for overall prospects in love relationships as well as in post marital life. Strong and clean disposition of second house and its lord is helpful in maintaining trust and stability during unfavorable planetary periods. Potent and clean disposition of seventh house and its lord is supportive for expecting healthy and positive relationship with your life partner.

It also provides some indications about the possible physical attributes and nature of your life partner. Disposition of general significator for marriage.

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Find answers to these question based on marriage astrology calculations. As for men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus predict the time and nature of marriage . On the other Super Horoscope reveals reasons @ Rs. /- (60+ Pages). Clickastro marriage prediction by date of birth report gives you answer to all your Here, you can generate your horoscope based free marriage prediction.

In male horoscope, Venus is general significator for wife and marriage; while, in female horoscope, this role is assigned to Jupiter. Strong and unafflicted disposition of Venus and Jupiter respectively in female and male horoscopes also provide good support for happy marriage in a marriage horoscope.

Overview: Aquarius 12222 Marriage Horoscope

Disposition of first house and its lord. Marriage prediction is one such method that is helpful is taking proper decision.

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Now we have to check the overall strength of 7th house, its lord, Jupiter and 5th house. It is not so easy to answer these questions without proper understanding of astrological techniques. Numerology Reports. Our Services. Home The Secrets of Horoscope Unlocked! Size

Marriage prediction is something for which we cannot depend on random sources but need to find the reliable one. In this aspect, the leading astrologer Ashok Prajapati is here with years of experience in this field. People have several type of questions in mind regarding marriage such as will I be able to marry my crush, when will I get married, how my future life partner would be, where will I get married etc. Answer to all these questions depend on the broad aspect of the life of a person and planets and stars show significant effect in marriage decision.

Overview: Aquarius 12222 Marriage Horoscope

Some conditions favor marriage while some create hindrances. Marriage prediction by date of birth free online is therefore helpful for a person to get clear idea about this vital decision. Marriage prediction helps to know the compatibility between two people and whether life can go smooth together or not. For this reason, it is better to get the prediction from someone who can provide actual advice.

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Astrologer Ashok Prajapati is serving in this field for over 10 years and has great knowledge and experience. He has offered marriage prediction report to several people that has helped them a lot in making proper decision.

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Many people have gain benefits from the precise predictions done by the leading astrologer. He is dedicated to serve for the welfare of people by using his knowledge about astrology.

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