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Our astrologers make future predictions based on your zodiac sign and natal chart. You can easily view the readings for any of the 12 zodiac signs when you need guidance for yourself, your friends and your partner: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. You can find out if you and your partner or your love interest are a perfect match or not.

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Voir plus. #lion une vrai lionne Signe Astrologique Sagittaire, Verseau, Les Loi Du Zodiaque, gemini · Portrait astrologique de la Balance ascendant Sagittaire Ascendant Astrologie, Horoscope Verseau, Signes Du Zodiaque. Ascendant. Signe Astrologique du Bélier Astro Belier, Zodiac Horoscope, Horoscopes, . vrai Astrology Zodiac, Astrology Signs, Horoscope, Zodiac Signs, Gemini Love.

Information Seller Burcu Gul. Size Opt for a different gem like an emerald or sapphire but in a bigger size. De Beers , Aura double halo solitaire ring. This spring, I went with one of my best friends, who is a Virgo, to select her engagement ring.

She wanted an oval with a halo but a very tiny halo! You should take two things from this: 1 Virgos are control freaks but in the nicest way possible! David Yurman , Lanai full pave oval engagement ring. A literal scale, Libras are the most balanced of zodiac signs. They want a stylish ring that will also be timeless; a simple one but one that's not boring or too traditional.

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That may sound complicated but it's not—a ring with three proportionate stones, with an emerald cut diamond that's equally elegant and understated at its center, will be suitable to these juxtaposition-loving signs. Trumpet and Horn , Windsor three-stone ring. Lady Gaga blinded the world when she debuted her massive, heart-shaped engagement ring from her now-ex Taylor Kinney. While Gaga is an Aries Sun, she is a true Scorpio Moon, which produces people that are anything but subtle. Her current pink diamond engagement ring from Christian Carino is just as extravagant. A big rock, an unexpected cut, an extravagant setting—these are the ways to the hearts of these wild water signs, who are always looking to shock and steal the spotlight.

Cartier , heart-shaped diamond ring. A Sagittarius loves a good story. The restless explorers of the zodiac, they roam the world in search of new adventures, experiences, and people.

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As such, they would love a vintage ring with a fascinating story one potentially involving a mystery attached to it, modeled after one from a prominent better yet, scandalous for its time figure from the past, or sourced from a place far away that will remind them of roads yet untraveled.

Capricious are efficient communicators of the zodiac who know exactly what they want and have zero tolerance for time idly spent. These Saturn-ruled signs will want to create a custom ring for themselves—yes, because they don't think anyone else knows them as well as they do but also because they are notoriously pragmatic and will see the time someone spent pondering their taste a waste it's common sense, so what if that hurts their partner's feelings?

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So, instead of a ring, they would prefer a jeweler that will create the exact ring that they want. Sometimes altruistic to a fault, those born under the Aquarius sign do not tolerate injustice.

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When it comes to their dream ring, they will foremost be concerned about the ethical practices involving the diamond source, which is why so many opt for non-diamond rings another reason for this is that they love to be original and different from the rest. A ring that will satisfy their noble nature will come from an independent retailer or jeweler committed to using ethically and responsibly sourced gems or recycled materials.

Bonus if the ring has a quirky design.

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Catbird , New Moon diamond solitaire ring. Pisces are devoted creatures of the water. Artsy, extremely sensitive, and romantic, they need a ring they can get lost in with their many, many thoughts.

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A sapphire would remind them of the ocean water that is as deep and turbulent as the many, many feelings they feel all the time, while a tear drop cut will spur a memory of the beautifully melancholic first day of fall when they wallowed while watching the rain pouring outside the window and waving summer goodbye. Stars, like diamonds, are forever.

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Taurus A Taurus is the ultimate boss of the zodiac and knows what they want exactly how they want it—and what they want is nothing short of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Gemini With their many sides, a Gemini needs a ring that's equally versatile, preventing this Mercury sign from ever getting bored. Cancer Those born under the sign of Cancer are exceptionally romantic and traditional. Leo Statement-making and attention-seeking, a Leo needs a ring that's just as loud as their personality.